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Our Products

  • We are glad to inform you that we can supply, install, calibrate and performance evaluation of mobile sensor-based air quality monitoring systems and continuous effluent quality monitoring systems (ceqms).
  • The secretary meitY has launched our technology officially on 18.01.2023 at New Delhi.

Focus Area of Services

  • E&S DD Study/Red Flag Assessment
  • HSE and Social Management System (HSESMS);
  • ESG Framework/Management system (ESGMS) and Trainings
  • Environment & Social Management Systems
  • The gaps identified in E&S and E&S Action Plan (ESAP)
  • Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA)
  • ESR DD (to understand the business feasibility)
  • Pre-Contractors EHS Assessment as per IFC Framework
  • Green Audits & Green Initiatives
  • Green Growth & Sustainable Development
  • ESIA Studies as per WB & ADB guidelines/EIA Studies as per MoEF&CC, Gol Guidelines.

Environmental Services & Expertise

  • Techno-Legal Advisory, Environment & Social Impacts Assessment (ESIA) Studies (as per IFC & ADB Guidelines) & Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies, Environmental Monitoring and Environmental Compliance Auditing: Environmental Due Diligence, Environmental Permitting:
  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Studies, Chemical/Industrial Risk Assessment, Biodiversity Impact Assessment (BIA), Ecology and Biodiversity Study/Tree Enumeration,
  • Sustainability & ESDD studies - Corporate EHS (Environment, Health & Safety), ESGMS Framework/ Management System (ESGMS) and Trainings, The gaps identified in E&S and E&S Action Plan (ESAP), ES DD/ Red Flag Assessment, Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA)
  • ESIA Study, ESR DD (to Understand The Business Feasibility)
  • Coastal Regulatory Zone Clearance, Marine Environment Monitoring (Marine Water & Sea Bed Sediment Sampling & Analysis), Hydrodynamic Study,
  • Forest Clearance & Wildlife Clearances, Wildlife Conservation Plan/Mangrove Management Plan,
  • Environment/Waste/Green Audits, Damage assessment as per OM B04(E)
  • Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) studies in Pharma & Oil Refining Industries, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing in IT/ITES/Hospitality/Hospitals Facilities
  • IGBC/LEED Documentation For Green Building Certification
  • Mining Plan Preparation & Dgps Surveys

Water & Wastewater Treatment & Management and Hazardous Waste Handling

  • Conceptualization & Design of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Treatment Systems and Maintenance of STP, ETP/CETP, Water & Waste Audits and Compliance Audits, Water Audit/Budgeting, Water Shed Management, Rainwater Harvesting System, Hydrogeology, Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) Permissions.
  • Solid Waste Management (MSW) & Solutions, Characterization of Hazardous Waste and Advisory Services on Best Disposal Technics, No Objection Certificate for Storage of Diesel/Hazardous Chemical/PESO, Landscape Management.

Our Specialized Services

  • Odour monitoring- mitigation & Management Services at MSW Dump Yards & Lakes;
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring for It, Ites, Hospitality, Hospital Facilities/Buildings
  • Building Physical & Environmental Due Diligence Assessment (Mechanical, Energy, Plumbing, Fire & Environment - MEPF & Env) & Structural Integrity